Media Buying

Advertising, marketing, and the media go hand in hand. In today’s world, all eyes are on screens—and an effective media campaign can maximize your ROI. Media buying spans multiple channels like television, print, social media, and streaming services to match the ad with the appropriate medium.

Media remains one of the most reliable ways to promote your brand, business, or product, with its wide-ranging appeal to varying audiences. Team MMG knows how important media buying is to make or break a strategy, which is why our hands-on media buying team schedules, negotiates, and secures the spots you need to boost your business.


Team MMG strategizes your ads, whether you’re looking for a specific timeslot, or just starting your media journey. Our media team offers schedule management services that pinpoint the perfect time to run your spots.

From ideation to its media debut, we adapt your goals to create an ad schedule that leaves you proud. Whoever your audience is, we’ll help you reach them over the airwaves during shows they’re most likely to watch.

Accountability From the Top Down

Demographics drive your business—and you rely on news and radio stations to air the ads you’ve worked hard on creating. But if the news or radio station bumps your ad due to breaking news or events that run over its scheduled time, Team MMG works on your behalf to place eyes on your business.

We’re committed to always holding vendors accountable, whether that means financially or requiring them to add make-goods to their broadcast schedule. We’ll be there to make sure your message airs and reaches your target audience.

We Negotiate, So You Don’t Have To

As your media partner, we send someone to negotiate on your behalf. Our approach to media buying ensures you get the most out of your media budget. We’re as experienced in rate negotiations as we are in scheduling spots. You deserve the best—and that’s what we fight to achieve.

We prioritize two goals when working with media vendors: to secure the best spots and good rates for your spots. Your business is your pride and joy, and we treat your media purchases with the utmost care.

Stay on Track With Your ROI

By ensuring your spots are strategically placed, made good when they’re bumped, and purchased at the right rate, we put your media campaign in a position to succeed.

Fun fact: On average, our media buying delivers a $1.54 ROI for every dollar spent. A 54% increase sounds pretty good to us!

If you want to increase your ROI and you’re interested in learning more about our approach to media buying, contact us for a consultation today!

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