Creative Agency Services

Creativity makes the world go ‘round. Now more than ever, a creative marketing and advertising approach brings more eyes to your campaigns—and ultimately, your business. Team MMG’s creative services deliver an outside-the-box approach, no matter your needs.

From professional commercial development to brand storytelling, our creative services incorporate strategies to expand your business’ growth among your audience. We employ a process that keeps you in the know to turn your feedback into a final product that’s focused, effective, and unique.

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Our full-service creative team is at your disposal. Whatever you need, we’ll help you create. We brainstorm and we strategize to bring your ideas to fruition, all while staying true to your brand identity through and through.

We offer a suite of creative services designed to amplify your business. Let’s build your story together.

In-House Media Production

We apply our creative approach to every step of the video content production process. From storyboarding to filming and editing, Team MMG showcases your business’ unique selling propositions (USPs) to bring new eyes and ears to your brand. Plus, our graphic artists follow industry trends to keep your video content fresh, relevant, and noteworthy. We use the latest and greatest in video production tech to showcase your business with flying colors.

Radio-Friendly Ads

Despite what you’ve heard, video didn’t kill the radio star. Radio is, and has always been, an effective way to reach your target audience. Millions of people listen to the radio daily, which proves to be a great way to get your name out there. Whether your ideal audience is a music lover, longtime talk radio listener, or just a fan of their favorite sports team, radio is a worthwhile tool for reaching a large, diverse audience. Team MMG is well-versed in buying on-air spots, creating memorable ads, and sponsoring specific stations, broadcasts, and events.

Studio-Quality Voice Work

Tone is just as important as the words in your script. Team MMG adds a memorable touch to your campaign with voice professionals to help reach more interested people. By adding voice-over work for your spots, we enhance your TV, radio, or digital advertisements with a voice your audience won’t soon forget.

Earworm-Worthy Jingles

A good jingle is contagious. If you hum a company’s jingle when you see their logo, or if you associate their slogan with their specific line of work, the magic touch has worked on you. A catchy or clever earworm sticks with people for a long time—sometimes decades! Our creative team collaborates and brainstorms to write innovative jingles that stick in your head. Jingles are just as useful today as they were in the early days of television and radio—and Team MMG wants to make your next hit.

Your business is your pride and joy. With our approach to creative problem-solving and strategy implementation, you can watch your company reach new eyes and new heights. For more information on how our creativity tailors to your goals and campaign, Contact Team MMG for a consultation.

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