Co-Op Management

Pairing with a buddy or two to join forces brings value whether you’re playing games or building an advertising campaign.

At Team MMG, we’re serious about building brands from the ground up, and that begins with our co-op management services. We bridge the gap between your campaign and the resources you need to reap the benefits of a successful strategy.

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Co-Op Management

Planning a marketing or advertising campaign doesn’t happen overnight. Rather, campaign planning takes a team of input, organization, and collaboration. Team MMG takes pride in giving your business the attention it deserves by setting the stage for success—and that begins from the tiniest details.

We bring our departments together to manage your campaign. Think of it as a team of navigators guiding you in the right direction. They’ll take you through uncharted waters to emerge victorious. With Team MMG, the path is always clear.

Distribute Your Advertising Funds Your Way

Allocating your campaign funds is a critical step in ensuring success with your audience. How you distribute your resources among various partners, advertisers, and outlets is the kind of challenge we search for.

Remember, we fight for you. Team MMG works together to properly assign your advertising funds to avoid any surprises. We’re efficient, convenient, and we keep your needs at the forefront of every conversation.

We Keep Things Consistent for Your Business

Consistency is our middle name—or at least it should be. Whether working with local advertisers, partners, or manufacturers, we keep everything uniform throughout your campaign. No matter the content and no matter the campaign, Team MMG stays on top of every piece of content and media to monitor compliance standards and best practices.

We cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s. By keeping a strict tab on procedures and technicalities, your campaign can get out the door faster to reach your audience.

Hear From Anyone at Any Time

Campaign planning, fund allocation, compliance, and best practices have one major commonality—communication. Everything you need is heard loud and clear. From questions to strategy, Team MMG involves everyone in our team to streamline your campaign from A to Z.

Every piece of feedback, every request, and every email is given the same level of importance. We make attentive communication the norm.

Analyzing Every Aspect of Your Campaign

The fun doesn’t stop once your campaign goes live—rather, the fun is just beginning. We track real-time data and campaign performance to provide you with analysis that finetunes your strategy. Plus, we’ll work to bring you future success by crafting campaigns that match the results we receive.

Team MMG never stops working for you. Let us establish your pride and joy.

Team MMG is your trusty sidekick throughout all your marketing and advertising endeavors. With dependable co-op management, you can be confident that we’ll take the reins and steer you in the right direction.

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