Integrated Marketing Cloud for Automotive

  • Deanonymize Your Website Visitors
  • Identify Geo-Addressable Households
  • Provide Personalized Ads to Households
  • Privacy Compliant Platform (SOC2 Certified)

The IMC is an audience planner and activation platform with immersive household targeting. That means it gives you the ability to track the entire multi-device, digital, and in-store journey in a single household. You can see who made the purchase, what advertising got them there, and what didn’t.

 It works by using patented AI technology to help you:

  • Know more about the traffic you drive to your website
  • Identify anonymous website visitors and convert them into high value customers
  • Make contact with your customer at every stage of the funnel
  • Track what marketing led your customer all the way to the sale

With this information, you can influence shoppers more effectively by showing them the marketing that works best for them. The IMC is composed of three main components—ShopperSuite, Lifecycle Acceleration, and NitroLeads Suite, all powered by™.

ShopperSuite is a website audience planner that identifies your unconverted in-market website shoppers via first-party data collection. The IMC’s patented Immersive Household™ technology goes beyond audiences previously generated by 3rd party cookies, building you a compliant 1st party database of real website visitors who have already engaged with your website’s vehicle inventory.

With ShopperSuite, you’ll receive vital insights like:

  • Shopper journey
  • Channel influence
  • 3rd party attribution
  • Time to sale

With the Lifecycle Acceleration tool, you can segment your first-part data to help you achieve better lifecycle planning for your sales and service customers. Ways you can segment your data include:

  • DMS integration & AI audience builder
  • Dynamic emails connected to a vehicle wallet experience
  • AI-generated customer leads accelerated into CRM

The NitroLeads Suite directly integrates your leads into your CRM, saving your vital time while encouraging your leads to become customers. It works by introducing a pop-up overlay that delivers the right incentive on the right pages that customers can opt into, or “power-on or –off.” When they power-on, customers receive:

  • SMS text with incentive
  • Instant email with a coupon code
  • Mobile-friendly printable coupon page
  • Weekly email blast reminder to those unredeemed

Maximize the IMC’s ability to deanonymize your website visitors, identify their geo-addressable location, and determine buying intent with available Smart Mail.

When a shopper’s behavior suggests they are in-market for a certain vehicle segment on your site, the Smart Mail add-on allows you to deliver a personalized offer directly into their physical mailbox – for the exact models they’ve been considering – increasing website lead conversion rates.

Plus, because the IMC can integrate with your CRM, you can know which mailers resulted directly in vehicle sales, providing more attribution insights than ever before.

  • Geo-addressable display ads
  • Geo-addressable video
  • Geo-addressable connected TV (CTV)
  • Geo-addressable connected radio

The automotive landscape is always changing, shifting, and adapting. To keep up with your audiences’ needs, Team MMG uses our access to the Integrated Marketing Cloud to segment your database, create personalized messaging, and use AI-powered insights to put you ahead of the competition.

With Team MMG and the IMC, powered by™, you have everything you need to adapt to an ever-changing landscape. Contact us today.

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